• By airplane to Chania

Chania International Airport is the closest airport. There are direct charter and scheduled flights connecting Chania with many European cities. Please contact your travel agent for details about charter flight schedules. Domestic flights from the Athens International Airport are also frequent and are carried out by Olympics and Aegean Airlines.

HINT for those travelling from the US, or possibly other countries outside of Europe:
Making your travel arrangements with Chania as your final destination may result in extortionate amounts, due to an unknown reason. If this is the case, you are advised to make arrangements to reach Athens International Airport (AIA) first and then use a local airline company’s site to purchase a separate ticket from their site (e.g. https://en.aegeanair.com/ ) or any other you find appropriate. You are also advised to allow for sufficient time between flights in Athens, if possible, to accommodate for any delay of the inbound flight. All flights at AIA are operated from the same Terminal.

  • By ferry to Chania

Ferries to Chania (Souda port) leave from Athens (Piraeus port) on a daily basis. The overnight/daytime trip with ANEK lines takes about 9 hours. Please check the web sites for ferry schedules. Also note that there is a direct bus service connecting Athens International Airport with Piraeus port. More information about public transport in Athens can be found here.

  • By airplane/ ferry via Herakleon

Herakleon, being the biggest city of Crete, is directly connected with charter/scheduled flights with many European cities. Flights to/from Athens are also frequent. Ferries from Piraeus travel to Herakleon every day. The overnight/daytime trip with MINOAN lines takes between 7-8 hours.

Chania can be reached by coach from the city of Herakleon situated 145 km (90 miles) from Chania. The bus fare is about 15€ and takes about 2.5 hours. The taxi costs approximately 160€.

(Prices recorded in November 2015.)

You can find more details about the city of Chania here.

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